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A similar control to the pull down to refresh control created by atebits in Tweetie 2.

Official EGOTableViewPullRefresh repository

Sensible TableView

A collection of view controllers and cell classes for building complex UITableViews more easily. Implements many common cell types (badged, edit field, switch, slider labeled), supports section headers and even auto-generates some of the views that get shown to edit them (date pickers, detail view for editing CoreData object properties).

Official SensibleCocoa TableView web site


A two-dimensional scrolling view component for the iPhone, heavily inspired by UITableView.

Official DTGridView repository


A grid view class for iOS, like a UITableView where several items can be presented on one row (think

Official KKGridView repository


A customisable, animatable MKAnnotationView with a UITableView subview, designed to behave the same as callouts in on the iPad. Requires iOS 4.2.

Official gi-animated-callout code repository


A pre-made UITableViewCell subclass for forms with a label and an edit field.

Official ELCTextFieldCell repository


Simplify asynchronous image loading from the web, particularly in a UITableView.

Description of EGOImageLoading

Official EGOImageLoading repository


An NSTableView replacement.

Official JAListView repository


A high-performance Finder-style icon view implemented roughly similarly to NSTableView, with arbitrary positionable icons, rubberband selection, type-ahead selection, keyboard navigation and an included UKFinderIconCell class that can be used to have Finder-style icons in other NSCell-hosting views.

Official repository


A fast Cocoa list view for the Mac, which optimizes the display of multiple rows in a similar way that UITableView from UIKit does on iOS.

Official PXListView web site
Official PXListView repository