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An Objective-C library to access the Sudden Motion Sensors in Mac laptops.

Official SMSLib web site


A simple class for listening to microphone levels, suitable for the iPhone.

Official SCListener repository


An NSTableView replacement.

Official JAListView repository


A high-performance Finder-style icon view implemented roughly similarly to NSTableView, with arbitrary positionable icons, rubberband selection, type-ahead selection, keyboard navigation and an included UKFinderIconCell class that can be used to have Finder-style icons in other NSCell-hosting views.

Official repository


A fast Cocoa list view for the Mac, which optimizes the display of multiple rows in a similar way that UITableView from UIKit does on iOS.

Official PXListView web site
Official PXListView repository


JScrollingRow is a library that provides a view which is similar in nature to a UITableView, except that instead of scrolling vertically, it scrolls horizontally over its cells, which are reused as appropriate.

Official JScrollingRow Repository


Three20 is a collection of iPhone UI classes derived from the Facebook iPhone app, and developed by Facebook. It currently includes a photo viewer, message composer, Web image views, Internet-aware table view controllers, better text fields, HTTP disk cache, and URL-based Navigation.

Official Three20 repository


Provides a subclass of UITableViewCell adding a badgeString property to the cell. The badge then draws like those found in the Mail application.

Official TDBadgedCell Repository


ASIHTTPRequest is an easy to use wrapper around the CFNetwork API that makes some of the more tedious aspects of communicating with web servers easier. It is suitable to performing basic HTTP requests and interacting with REST-based services (GET / POST / PUT / DELETE). The included ASIFormDataRequest subclass makes it easy to submit POST data and files using multipart/form-data.

Official ASIHTTPRequest web site

Official ASIHTTPRequest repository