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Tool to migrate Standard Sqlite Database to Core Data

Sqlite2CoreData is a command line tool to migrate an Sqlite database to Core Data compatible database. It generates the Datamodel file and Core Data Sqlite file which can be imported to Mac/iOS projects and used with Core Data. Main purpose of the tool is to ease the migration process. It generates a datamodel by creating entities based on the table schema. Foreign Key information is used to generate the relationship information.



A PostgreSQL-based database framework for Cocoa on MacOS X.

Official BaseTen repository


A SQL database access library for Objective-C, initially focused on SQLite as an application database.

Official PLDatabase repository


Want sqlite, but don’t want to deal with libsqlite? Flying Meat’s FMDB provides a set of wrappers around the sqlite api which greatly eases development and style. Now hosted on GitHub and accepting pull requests.

Official FMDB repository