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A bar of buttons, similar to those in iTunes 6 or in the Finder search pane.

Official AMButtonBar web site


A drop-in-ready framework that helps in almost every aspect of PDF-rendering on iOS, including Table of contents parsing, annotations, display, zoom, thumbnails, text extraction, pages of different sizes and search.

Official PSPDFKit web site

Diff Match Patch Objective C

The Diff Match and Patch libraries offer robust algorithms to

  • Compare two blocks of plain text and efficiently return a list of differences.
  • Find a search string’s best fuzzy match in a block of plain text, weighted for both accuracy and location.
  • Apply a list of patches onto plain text using best-effort to apply patch even when the underlying text doesn’t match.

Official Diff Match Patch web site

Official Diff Match Patch Objective C repository

Google Toolbox for Mac

A collection of Code used by several Google projects. Of particular interest are the classes for accessing the AddressBook in a more Cocoa way than the C Library, but many of these classes give answers to common questions (UIImage resize, google search of course…).

Google Toolbox Repository