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A grid view class for iOS, like a UITableView where several items can be presented on one row (think

Official KKGridView repository


Category on NSMutableDictionary for populating it more easily with EXIF data (CGImageProperties) for use with ALAssetLibrary’s -(void) writeImageToSavedPhotosAlbum:metadata:completionBlock:.

Note: There are numerous warnings and pitfalls in header comments you should read before you use this.

Documentation (blog post)
Available in the GusUtils repository


A Windows Phone 7- or iPhoto-style grid list view where you can show clickable images etc. with labels.

Official MMGridView repository

iMedia Browser

A media browser framework for media browsers like in GarageBand that you can easily drop into your application, and even extend. Has plug-ins for flickr, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, iTunes, GarageBand and browser bookmarks.

Official repository


Three20 is a collection of iPhone UI classes derived from the Facebook iPhone app, and developed by Facebook. It currently includes a photo viewer, message composer, Web image views, Internet-aware table view controllers, better text fields, HTTP disk cache, and URL-based Navigation.

Official Three20 repository