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A drop-in universal solution for moving text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS.

Blog post about TPKeyboardAvoiding
Official TPKeyboardAvoiding repository


A keyboard shortcut field based on the solid old PTHotkey code. Modernized look, works in layers, with Accessibility-support, Retina- and Auto-Layout-Ready.

Kentzo’s ShortcutRecorder repository


Code for handling the media keys on a Mac keyboard in a way that allows them to be shared between applications but keeps the Apple applications from accidentally being triggered.

SPMediaKeyTap web site

SPMediaKeyTap source code


Useful Cocoa classes for handling keyboard shortcuts, saving them, loading them and displaying them.

Official SGHotKeysLib repository


A class for registering and handling system-global keyboard shortcuts.

Official DDHotKey repository


A high-performance Finder-style icon view implemented roughly similarly to NSTableView, with arbitrary positionable icons, rubberband selection, type-ahead selection, keyboard navigation and an included UKFinderIconCell class that can be used to have Finder-style icons in other NSCell-hosting views.

Official repository