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A simple but effective dynamic GraphView implementation for iPhone SDK for float values. It is easy to implement and works statically with an array of floats as well as dynamically by adding values to update the graph continually. You can change and acces the GraphView settings and appearances with very little code.

DynamicGraphView Repository


A UIView subclass for drawing graphs.

Official S7GraphView repository


A tree graph view control for iPad applications. This is a port of the Apple sample code from Max OS X to iOS (iPad).

Official PSTreeGraph Repository


MacOSX Interface to Facebook graph API.

Official PhFacebook repository


Stylish and animated tab view for iOS rendered entirely using Core Graphics.

Official JMTabView repository


An NSView that displays a file path, not unlike NSPathControl, with built-in support for buttons to show open panels and drag’n drop.

Official UKFilePathView repository (see UKFilePathView.h/.m and UKGraphics.h/.m)

Official UKFilePathView site


An NSView subclass that takes a comparison of two files generated by the diff command and displays them in a graphical fashion (not unlike FileMerge). It also allows choosing a left or right side change/addition/deletion and can generate an output string with the result.

Official UKDiffView repository


A framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications.

Official cocos2d web site

Core Plot

A plotting framework for Mac OS X and iOS for drawing graphs and charts. It provides 2D visualization of data, and is tightly integrated with Apple technologies like Core Animation, Core Data, and Cocoa Bindings.

Official Core Plot web site


A full-blown drawing application framework, with support for layers, curves, and custom objects. DrawKit is for graphics editing what NSTextView is for text editing.

Official DrawKit Web Site