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A class that gives you the morphing animation as seen when dragging controls from the palette in Interface Builder 3.

Official JLNDragEffectManager web site


If you need to enable a draggable annotation in MapKit ‘s mapview on platforms prior to iOS 4, these classes will save you days of works, while being future-proof too.

Official MapKitDragAndDrop Github repository


Automatic Core Data change tracking for OS X. It is not a drop-in replacement for NSFetchedResultsController but performs many of the same tasks in relation to managing results from a Core Data fetch and notifying a delegate when objects are inserted, deleted, updated, or moved in order to update the UI.

Official SNRFetchedResultsController Github repository


A class for implementing popovers on Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6. Intended as a backwards-compatibility layer for later MacOS X releases.

Official INPopoverController repository


An NSWindow subclass that mimics the appearance of the main window in the Mac App Store application. These modifications consist of enlarging the title bar, and centring the traffic lights (note that this subclass does not handle the creation of a toolbar).

Official INAppStoreWindow repository


A Cocoa class that implements a Finder-style icon view, with drag & drop, renamable items, coloured labels, and multiple icon sizes in the same view.

CSIconView on Google Code


An NSView that displays a file path, not unlike NSPathControl, with built-in support for buttons to show open panels and drag’n drop.

Official UKFilePathView repository (see UKFilePathView.h/.m and UKGraphics.h/.m)

Official UKFilePathView site


A UISplitViewController replacement for the iPad. It allows displaying the master view in either orientation, toggling it with animation, changing the split from horizontal to vertical, dragging the divider, and more.

Official MGSplitView repository

Official MGSplitView web site