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A hardware accelerated, Core Animation based UI framework for Mac, inspired by UIKit.

Official TwUI repository


An implementation of the active record pattern on top of Core Data, inspired by Ruby on Rail’s active record fetching.

Official MagicalRecord repository


A block-based reachability class that notifies handlers of changes in the reachability status.

Abizer Nasir’s NPReachability repository


A parsing framework for OS X, supporting a wide range of grammars thanks to its shift/reduce parsing schemes.

Official CoreParse repository


A PostgreSQL-based database framework for Cocoa on MacOS X.

Official BaseTen repository

Remote Control Wrapper

An Objective-C class to interact with the Apple Remote Control.

Official Remote Control Wrapper web site


A lightweight dependency injection framework for Objective-C.

Official Objection web site
Official Objection repository


An Objective-C binding of Oniguruma regular expression engine.

Official CocoaOniguruma web site
Official CocoaOniguruma repository


Positioning and sizing constraints on views.

Official CHLayoutManager repository


A Cocoa framework built to ease the pain of supporting the IMAP and SMTP protocols. With MailCore you can download e-mail, create folders, delete folders, rename folders, send e-mail and etc.

Official MailCore repository