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Google APIs Client Library

Written by Google, this library is a flexible and efficient Objective-C framework for accessing JSON APIs. This is the recommended library for accessing JSON-based Google APIs for iOS and Mac OS X applications.

Official Google APIs Client Library repository


A bar of buttons, similar to those in iTunes 6 or in the Finder search pane.

Official AMButtonBar web site


Customizable inspector windows for Cocoa.

Official SFBInspectors repository


An Objective-C API To Apache CouchDB.

Official CouchCocoa repository


A small NSWindow subclass that implements an improved zooming behaviour and makes it easy to allow or deny zooming and/or resizing of a window. If zooming is not allowed, the zoom button will be disabled. Also, the resize indicator will be added or removed as required.

Official AMWindow web site


A collection of many reusable Obj-C classes and functions for Mac OS X Leopard and later providing features like advanced networking, file system utilities, HID, MIDI & serial port devices support, OpenSSL encryption, file upload & download for many protocols, etc.

Official PolKit repository


An NSRulerView subclass for showing line numbers on the left of an NSTextView in an NSScrollView and setting “markers” (i.e. breakpoints in the style of Xcode).

Official NoodleLineNumberView site

NoodleKit repository


A very flexible web server framework written in Cocoa perfectly suited to implementing web services. Easily map paths and requests to selectors. It has a template engine, database support, does sessions, HTTP AUTH, and cookies.

Official WebAppKit web site


Advanced logging toolkit that supports filtering, doesn’t require format strings, supports log levels etc.

Official EngineRoom repository

Diff Match Patch Objective C

The Diff Match and Patch libraries offer robust algorithms to

  • Compare two blocks of plain text and efficiently return a list of differences.
  • Find a search string’s best fuzzy match in a block of plain text, weighted for both accuracy and location.
  • Apply a list of patches onto plain text using best-effort to apply patch even when the underlying text doesn’t match.

Official Diff Match Patch web site

Official Diff Match Patch Objective C repository