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An NSScrollView subclass to allow the popular “pull to refresh” from iPhone to work on Mac OS X Lion

Official ScrollToRefresh repository


A class that uses the new ServiceManagement api to allow apps to run at login.

Official StartAtLoginController repository


Automatic Core Data change tracking for OS X. It is not a drop-in replacement for NSFetchedResultsController but performs many of the same tasks in relation to managing results from a Core Data fetch and notifying a delegate when objects are inserted, deleted, updated, or moved in order to update the UI.

Official SNRFetchedResultsController Github repository


An extension to NSTimer that allows you to pass a block to handle timer events instead of using a callback method.

Official NSTimer-JCSBlocks repository

Icon Extractor and PRHResourceEnumerator

Classes to extract icon resources from old Mac applications into more modern ‘icns’ container files.

Official icon extractor repository


Extracts a plist that has been embedded in the __TEXT __info_plist section of a binary file.

Official BVPlistExtractor repository


A replacement for NSTask that supports blocks and output accumulation.

Official PRHTask repository


Multithreaded actors with transparent futures for Objective-C.

Official ActorKit repository


A Cocoa wrapper for Keychain.

Official EMKeychain web site


An application state machine, based on matching values within bitfields to trigger actions supplied using Blocks.

Official AQAppStateMachine repository