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A popup notification like a fancier version of Apple’s Bezel UI that “pops up” to notify the user of occurrences.

Official EZToastView page


A view that “falls down” or “floats up” depending on device orientation (i.e. “adheres to gravity”).

FVGravityView blog post


Subclass of NSImageView/UIImageView that allows you to rotate a 360° panorama made up of a sequence of images by clicking/swiping.

FVImageSequence blog post


A framework to implement publishing videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Flickr.

Official ESSVideoShare repository


An implementation of NSURLConnection’s sendAsynchronousRequest: for iOS 4

Official AEURLConnextion repository


A simple and clean to implement login to facebook-ios-sdk using Blocks.

SCFacebook Github repository


An extension to NSTimer that allows you to pass a block to handle timer events instead of using a callback method.

Official NSTimer-JCSBlocks repository

Foursquare API iOS wrapper

A simple Objective-C wrapper for the foursquare API v2.

Foursquare API wrapper Github repository


Multithreaded actors with transparent futures for Objective-C.

Official ActorKit repository


An application state machine, based on matching values within bitfields to trigger actions supplied using Blocks.

Official AQAppStateMachine repository