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An implementation of the SPDY internet protocol (the basis for HTTP 2.0) which promises to be faster for mobile devices, given appropriate server support.

Official CocoaSPDY repository


Simple registration framework for OS X apps. DSA/ECDSA support. No OpenSSL required.

Watchdog repository

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A dictionary based on the “_k_-d tree” data structure, allowing indexing of objects keyed by two-dimensional points.

Official AGTTwoDimensionalDictionary Repository


Model layer base class that makes it easier to implement NSArchiver/JSON serialization and offers higher-order functions (map, filter, fold) for NSArray, NSDictionary, NSOrderedSet, and NSSet, plus weak notification center observers.

Note: Mixed MIT/BSD licensed code.

Official Mantle repository


A library that takes a dictionary (as an object or in various serialized forms) and transfers its values to the matching instance variables of an object.

Official KeyValueObjectMapping repository


NanoStore is an open source, lightweight schema-less local key-value document store written in Objective-C for Mac OS X and iOS.

Official Nanostore web site

Official Nanostore repository


Easy XiB Localization Entity: A code-based localization mechanism that auto-generates unique but readable keys.

Official EXiLE repository


Cocoa Framework for hyperlink detection.

Official AutoHyperlinks framework


Renderer for ANSI/ASCII art and code for interpreting SAUCE records.

Official AnsiLove framework repository


SOExtendedAttributes is a category on NSURL for manipulating the extended attributes of a file system object.

Official SOExtendedAttributes Repository