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A simple, vertically scrolling grid view with re-arrange animations.

Official OmniGridView repository


Code for handling the media keys on a Mac keyboard in a way that allows them to be shared between applications but keeps the Apple applications from accidentally being triggered.

SPMediaKeyTap web site

SPMediaKeyTap source code


A simple value transformer like NSIsNotNil, but checking the NSNotFound constant.

KSIsNotNSNotFound Source code


A TCP/IP socket networking library that wraps CFSocket and CFStream. It offers asynchronous operation, and native Cocoa classes complete with delegate support, for both TCP and UDP.

Official AsyncSocket repository


JScrollingRow is a library that provides a view which is similar in nature to a UITableView, except that instead of scrolling vertically, it scrolls horizontally over its cells, which are reused as appropriate.

Official JScrollingRow Repository