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A neat little header file with commonly-used macros for Objective C programming:

GNUstep-style ASSIGN(), DESTROY() and CREATE_AUTORELEASE_POOL() for easier accessor writing, clearing and destruction with less typing, easier NSThread method writing, a UKLog() macro that gets turned off in release builds and prefixes messages with the method/function  name, and a PROPERTY() macro that type-checks method name strings for KVO.

Official UKHelperMacros web site

Official UKHelperMacros repository


A wrapper around the FSEvents file change notification mechanism.

Official UKFSEventsWatcher repository (see UKFSEventsWatcher.h/.m and UKFileWatcher.h)


A wrapper around the CoreServices FNSubscribe mechanism of watching for file changes (where other applications call FNNotify to inform interested parties of changes).

Official UKFNSubscribeFileWatcher repository (See UKFNSubscribeFileWatcher.h/.m and UKFileWatcher.h)

Official UKKQueue web site (includes UKFNSubscribeFileWatcher)


A wrapper class around the kqueue file change notification mechanism.

Official UKKQueue repository (see UKKQueue.h/.m, UKMainThreadProxy.h/.m and UKFileWatcher.h)

Official UKKQueue web site


An NSView that displays a file path, not unlike NSPathControl, with built-in support for buttons to show open panels and drag’n drop.

Official UKFilePathView repository (see UKFilePathView.h/.m and UKGraphics.h/.m)

Official UKFilePathView site


An NSView subclass that takes a comparison of two files generated by the diff command and displays them in a graphical fashion (not unlike FileMerge). It also allows choosing a left or right side change/addition/deletion and can generate an output string with the result.

Official UKDiffView repository


Cocoa class that uses CoreAudio to record sound from the system’s default sound input and writes it to a file. Includes the UKAudioStreamBasicDescription wrapper around AudioStreamBasicDescription.

Official UKSoundFileRecorder site


A little debugging helper function that assigns each pointer a name. That way, you can NSLog() pointers and will get nice, memorable names instead of 0x00848400.

Official UKDebugNames repository (see UKDebugNames.h/.m and UKDebugNames.plist)

Official UKDebugNames site


An NSViewController (and optional document class) that implements syntax coloring and code editing-related features in an NSTextView. Supports plist files for defining a syntax scheme (contains examples).

Official UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument repository

Official UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument site


Two classes for playing back sound using the AudioQueue/SystemSound APIs, which try to be easy to drop into code originally written to use NSSound. These classes were originally written for use on the iPhone, but should also work on Mac OS X.

Official UKSound/UKSystemSound repository

Official UKSound/UKSystemSound  web site