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Subclass of NSImageView/UIImageView that allows you to rotate a 360° panorama made up of a sequence of images by clicking/swiping.

FVImageSequence blog post


A wrapper class around the Unix kqueue file change notification mechanism. A modern, streamlined, faster version of UKKQueue.

Official VDKQueue Repository


A category on NSWindow to place a window at the absolute center of the screen, and not center it horizontally but slap it right under the menu bar like NSWindow’s -center method does.

Source code in the UliKit repository


A simple NSView subclass that implements a paint canvas into which users can draw with various paint tools.

Official UKPaintView repository


A category on NSWindow that implements a “zoom” effect like the Finder has when opening folder windows, where a thumbnail of the window grows from some point to end in the actual window location at full size (or the reverse).

Official ULIZoomEffect repository (UliKit)


A dictionary that can store several objects for one key. Actually just a wrapper around a dictionary of arrays.

Official ULIMultiMap repository (UliKit)


A TCP socket wrapper around CFSocket API with transparent buffering. This is a continuation of Dustin Mierau’s NetSocket source code.

Official ULINetSocket repository


Simulate Core Location in the iPhone Simulator.

Official FTLocationSimulator Repository


A class and category that creates a proxy object to which you can send messages, and they’ll always be executed on another object, on the main thread.

Official UKMainThreadProxy repository


A simple crash reporter that checks at startup whether your application crashed last time it was launched, then offers to send that information to a script on your server. Also has a mode where it can be used to just send feedback to you directly from your application.

Official UKCrashReporter web site

Official UKCrashReporter repository