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Remote Control Wrapper

An Objective-C class to interact with the Apple Remote Control.

Official Remote Control Wrapper web site


A lightweight dependency injection framework for Objective-C.

Official Objection web site
Official Objection repository


A custom UIGestureRecognizer for doing one finger rotations in iOS apps.

Official KTOneFingerRotationGestureRecognizer repository


A calendar component for the iPhone (the UI is designed to match MobileCal).

Official Kal repository


Positioning and sizing constraints on views.

Official CHLayoutManager repository


A lightweight, libxml2-based XML parser replacement for Cocoa’s NSXML* cluster of classes.

Official TouchXML repository


An Objective-C framework to access the full Instapaper API.

Official InstapaperKit repository


Implementation of an image cache that stores downloaded images based on a URL key.  The cache is not persistent (OS makes no guarantees) and is not backed-up when the device is sync’d.

Official ZSImageCacheHandler repository


A category for UIAlertView which allows you to use blocks to handle the pressed button events rather than implementing a delegate.

Official UIAlertView-Blocks repository


Client and server classes that connect automatically via Bonjour. Pass an object to the server, and it will pop out at the client, and vice versa or distribute it to all connected clients in one go.

Official ThoMoNetworking web site