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A simple category on NSTimer that lets you pass a block to it instead of having to provide a target and action method.

Official NSTimer+Blocks repository


Simple registration framework for OS X apps. DSA/ECDSA support. No OpenSSL required.

Watchdog repository

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A simple but effective dynamic GraphView implementation for iPhone SDK for float values. It is easy to implement and works statically with an array of floats as well as dynamically by adding values to update the graph continually. You can change and acces the GraphView settings and appearances with very little code.

DynamicGraphView Repository

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This library is a port of Ruby’s Faker library that generates fake data.

You can use it for taking real-looking test data, screenshots and to populate your database during development.

This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.

MBFaker Repository

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Clean and simple alert (or notification) banners for iPhone and iPad. Multiple configurations and options available. iOS 5.0+ tested. MIT License.

ALAlertBanner Repository

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Tool to migrate Standard Sqlite Database to Core Data

Sqlite2CoreData is a command line tool to migrate an Sqlite database to Core Data compatible database. It generates the Datamodel file and Core Data Sqlite file which can be imported to Mac/iOS projects and used with Core Data. Main purpose of the tool is to ease the migration process. It generates a datamodel by creating entities based on the table schema. Foreign Key information is used to generate the relationship information.


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CoreLocationUtils for iOS

A category with convenience methods for CLLocation.


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A dictionary based on the “_k_-d tree” data structure, allowing indexing of objects keyed by two-dimensional points.

Official AGTTwoDimensionalDictionary Repository


OpenSource analog of UISegmentedControl. Allows you to customize the segment view appearance.

Official IKSegmentedControl repository


A simple Cocoa bindings replacement for iOS.

Official JUBindings repository