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Fully Functional, Robust, Tested and Ready to use Custom iOSComponents, including the iOSDataGrid – the most powerful DataGrid available for iOS Apps, as well as a suite of utility controls inluding AutoComplete UITextView, Combo Box, Date Combo Box, Check Box, Radio Button, Check Box List, MultiSelect Combo Box and more!

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A route overlay for MapKit that lets you show a route directly in your app.

Official MTDirectionsKit web site

RadioTunes SDK

A radio streaming SDK for iOS with support for the http and mms protocols. RadioTunes SDK can play mp3, aac, aac+ and wma audio streams. Includes documented source code of a demo Xcode project demonstrating usage. Also supports background playback and recording.

Official RadioTunes web site


A popup notification like a fancier version of Apple’s Bezel UI that “pops up” to notify the user of occurrences.

Official EZToastView page


A drop-in-ready framework that helps in almost every aspect of PDF-rendering on iOS, including Table of contents parsing, annotations, display, zoom, thumbnails, text extraction, pages of different sizes and search.

Official PSPDFKit web site

Sensible TableView

A collection of view controllers and cell classes for building complex UITableViews more easily. Implements many common cell types (badged, edit field, switch, slider labeled), supports section headers and even auto-generates some of the views that get shown to edit them (date pickers, detail view for editing CoreData object properties).

Official SensibleCocoa TableView web site

SPMapView (Superpin)

A drop-in replacement for MKMapView with higher performance and support for “clustering” lots of pins.

Official Superpin web site


A PDF rendering library plus UIViews for easy display.

Official FastPDFKit site

Official FastPDFKit repository