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RFAnimatedSlider is a subclass and drop-in replacement NSSlider that uses CoreAnimation to animate between states.

Official RFAnimatedSlider repository


Minimalist UISplitViewController that bypasses some of the real thing’s limitations.

Official FakeSplitView repository


Objective-C wrapper around the CoreText low-level text rendering API.

Official CoreTextWrapper web site

Official CoreTextWrapper Git repository


A class to run an NSTask interactively.

Official BETaskHelper repository


A customisable, animatable MKAnnotationView with a UITableView subview, designed to behave the same as callouts in on the iPad. Requires iOS 4.2.

Official gi-animated-callout code repository


An XMPP Framework in Objective-C for the Cocoa development community.

Official XMPPFramework repository


C function pointers wrapping Objective-C blocks.

Official MABlockClosure repository

Mac App Store Validation

An example of a working Mac App Store validation, with code signing checks.

Official Mac App Store Validation repository


An embedded HTTP server written in Cocoa.

Official CocoaHTTPServer repository

Galaxy Engine

A game development engine for Mac OS and iOS, based on OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenAL.

Official Galaxy Engine repository