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A bar of buttons, similar to those in iTunes 6 or in the Finder search pane.

Official AMButtonBar web site


Customizable inspector windows for Cocoa.

Official SFBInspectors repository


A UIView subclass for drawing graphs.

Official S7GraphView repository


A small NSWindow subclass that implements an improved zooming behaviour and makes it easy to allow or deny zooming and/or resizing of a window. If zooming is not allowed, the zoom button will be disabled. Also, the resize indicator will be added or removed as required.

Official AMWindow web site


A very flexible web server framework written in Cocoa perfectly suited to implementing web services. Easily map paths and requests to selectors. It has a template engine, database support, does sessions, HTTP AUTH, and cookies.

Official WebAppKit web site


A view that shows several edit fields to let the user enter name, address, provide a picture etc. for signing up to a web service.

Official DBSignupViewController


Advanced logging toolkit that supports filtering, doesn’t require format strings, supports log levels etc.

Official EngineRoom repository


A parsing framework for OS X, supporting a wide range of grammars thanks to its shift/reduce parsing schemes.

Official CoreParse repository


A Windows Phone 7- or iPhoto-style grid list view where you can show clickable images etc. with labels.

Official MMGridView repository


An Objective-C binding of Oniguruma regular expression engine.

Official CocoaOniguruma web site
Official CocoaOniguruma repository