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Model layer base class that makes it easier to implement NSArchiver/JSON serialization and offers higher-order functions (map, filter, fold) for NSArray, NSDictionary, NSOrderedSet, and NSSet, plus weak notification center observers.

Note: Mixed MIT/BSD licensed code.

Official Mantle repository


A keyboard shortcut field based on the solid old PTHotkey code. Modernized look, works in layers, with Accessibility-support, Retina- and Auto-Layout-Ready.

Kentzo’s ShortcutRecorder repository


NanoStore is an open source, lightweight schema-less local key-value document store written in Objective-C for Mac OS X and iOS.

Official Nanostore web site

Official Nanostore repository


An iOS 4-compatible clone of iOS 5’s tweet sheet.

Official DETweetComposeViewController web site

Official DETweetComposeViewController repository


Objective-C categories for functional data structure traversal with blocks. The interface was inspired by Javascript Array Iteration Methods. The implementation was inspired by Mike Ash’s Implementating Fast Enumeration Friday Q&A.

Official HRBCollections repository


Thin Objective-C wrapper for modern OpenGL development on Mac & iOS.

Official CeedGL repository


Objective-C implementation of the Tipi template language.

Official Tipi repository


A two-dimensional scrolling view component for the iPhone, heavily inspired by UITableView.

Official DTGridView repository


Cocoa Framework for hyperlink detection.

Official AutoHyperlinks framework


A highly customizable animated modal panel alternative for iOS. It has a bounce animation, content fade-in, and a fancy noisy-gradient title bar.

Official UAModalPanel repository