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A view that shows several edit fields to let the user enter name, address, provide a picture etc. for signing up to a web service.

Official DBSignupViewController


An Objective-C framework to access the full Instapaper API.

Official InstapaperKit repository


An Objective-C framework for interacting with RESTful web services, combining a clean, simple HTTP request/response API with a powerful object mapping system.

Official RestKit Web site


A Flickr API framework for Objective-C.

Official ObjectiveFlickr repository


A library for accessing the Stack Exchange API (used by Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, Stack Exchange, and related websites) from within Cocoa/Cocoa Touch applications. It is heavily modeled after Core Data and behaves very similarly.

Official StackKit repository


An implementation for Apple OS X’s Services, including an API to interface with

Official accentuateus-osx-service repository


An Objective-C library for HTTP requests, specifically calls to REST Web services.

Official Seriously repository


The cloud file hosting and sharing service has its own MIT licensed API for integrating easily with the service. Only available as source code download though, no repository access.

Dropbox API code releases download page


An almost-complete Cocoa wrapper around the Github API.

Official UAGithubEngine web site

Official UAGithubEngine repository


A class that helps integrate Twitter support into your application via the Twitter API. Provides access to the full Twitter API through the use of standard Cocoa objects like NSDate and NSString. Includes xAuth for managing authentication inside the app. Works on OS X and iOS.

Official MGTwitterEngine Repository
Official MGTwitterEngine Website
Setup Guide for MGTwitterEngine