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A collection of many reusable Obj-C classes and functions for Mac OS X Leopard and later providing features like advanced networking, file system utilities, HID, MIDI & serial port devices support, OpenSSL encryption, file upload & download for many protocols, etc.

Official PolKit repository


A drop-in-ready framework that helps in almost every aspect of PDF-rendering on iOS, including Table of contents parsing, annotations, display, zoom, thumbnails, text extraction, pages of different sizes and search.

Official PSPDFKit web site


A tree graph view control for iPad applications. This is a port of the Apple sample code from Max OS X to iOS (iPad).

Official PSTreeGraph Repository


A grid view class for iOS, like a UITableView where several items can be presented on one row (think

Official KKGridView repository


A drop-in UIViewController subclass that automatically manages switching between different view layouts for portrait and landscape orientations.

Official TPMultiLayoutViewController repository
Blog post about TPMultiLayoutViewController


An NSRulerView subclass for showing line numbers on the left of an NSTextView in an NSScrollView and setting “markers” (i.e. breakpoints in the style of Xcode).

Official NoodleLineNumberView site

NoodleKit repository


A view that shows several edit fields to let the user enter name, address, provide a picture etc. for signing up to a web service.

Official DBSignupViewController


A hardware accelerated, Core Animation based UI framework for Mac, inspired by UIKit.

Official TwUI repository


A similar control to the pull down to refresh control created by atebits in Tweetie 2.

Official EGOTableViewPullRefresh repository


A complete drop in replacement for UITextView, adding support for rich text editing.

Official EGOTextView repository