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A simple drop-in Objective-C / Cocoa NSScrollView subclass that provides a visual fade effect at the top and bottom of scrolled content, giving a visual sense of the content fading as it nears the top or bottom edge.

Official JLNFadingScrollView Web site
Official JLNFadingScrollView repository


MacOSX Interface to Facebook graph API.

Official PhFacebook repository


An NSScrollView subclass to allow the popular “pull to refresh” from iPhone to work on Mac OS X Lion

Official ScrollToRefresh repository


Automatic Core Data change tracking for OS X. It is not a drop-in replacement for NSFetchedResultsController but performs many of the same tasks in relation to managing results from a Core Data fetch and notifying a delegate when objects are inserted, deleted, updated, or moved in order to update the UI.

Official SNRFetchedResultsController Github repository


UIScrollView for iPhone with horizontal paging like mobile Safari tabs.

Official HGPageScrollView repository


Stylish and animated tab view for iOS rendered entirely using Core Graphics.

Official JMTabView repository


A bar of buttons, similar to those in iTunes 6 or in the Finder search pane.

Official AMButtonBar web site


Customizable inspector windows for Cocoa.

Official SFBInspectors repository


A UIView subclass for drawing graphs.

Official S7GraphView repository


A small NSWindow subclass that implements an improved zooming behaviour and makes it easy to allow or deny zooming and/or resizing of a window. If zooming is not allowed, the zoom button will be disabled. Also, the resize indicator will be added or removed as required.

Official AMWindow web site