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NSAttributedString/Core Text additions to create attributed strings from HTML source and display them in a custom view.

Official DTCoreText repository


Objective-C wrapper around the CoreText low-level text rendering API.

Official CoreTextWrapper web site

Official CoreTextWrapper Git repository


A Cocoa syntax coloring NSTextView based upon Smultron (now Fraise).

Official Fragaria repository


A pre-made UITableViewCell subclass for forms with a label and an edit field.

Official ELCTextFieldCell repository


An NSViewController (and optional document class) that implements syntax coloring and code editing-related features in an NSTextView. Supports plist files for defining a syntax scheme (contains examples).

Official UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument repository

Official UKSyntaxColoredTextDocument site


Three20 is a collection of iPhone UI classes derived from the Facebook iPhone app, and developed by Facebook. It currently includes a photo viewer, message composer, Web image views, Internet-aware table view controllers, better text fields, HTTP disk cache, and URL-based Navigation.

Official Three20 repository