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Easy XiB Localization Entity: A code-based localization mechanism that auto-generates unique but readable keys.

Official EXiLE repository


Objective-C implementation of the Tipi template language.

Official Tipi repository


Cocoa Framework for hyperlink detection.

Official AutoHyperlinks framework


Renderer for ANSI/ASCII art and code for interpreting SAUCE records.

Official AnsiLove framework repository


A Cocoa framework for letting localizers perform their localization in a window inside your application.

Official Greenwich repository


An NSRulerView subclass for showing line numbers on the left of an NSTextView in an NSScrollView and setting “markers” (i.e. breakpoints in the style of Xcode).

Official NoodleLineNumberView site

NoodleKit repository

Diff Match Patch Objective C

The Diff Match and Patch libraries offer robust algorithms to

  • Compare two blocks of plain text and efficiently return a list of differences.
  • Find a search string’s best fuzzy match in a block of plain text, weighted for both accuracy and location.
  • Apply a list of patches onto plain text using best-effort to apply patch even when the underlying text doesn’t match.

Official Diff Match Patch web site

Official Diff Match Patch Objective C repository


A complete drop in replacement for UITextView, adding support for rich text editing.

Official EGOTextView repository


A UITextView replacement which supports an NSAttributedString text store. This allows the display of rich text.

Official JTextView repository


A drop-in universal solution for moving text fields out of the way of the keyboard in iOS.

Blog post about TPKeyboardAvoiding
Official TPKeyboardAvoiding repository