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A Cocoa framework built to ease the pain of supporting the IMAP and SMTP protocols. With MailCore you can download e-mail, create folders, delete folders, rename folders, send e-mail and etc.

Official MailCore repository


An Objective-C framework to access the full Instapaper API.

Official InstapaperKit repository


Implementation of an image cache that stores downloaded images based on a URL key.  The cache is not persistent (OS makes no guarantees) and is not backed-up when the device is sync’d.

Official ZSImageCacheHandler repository


Client and server classes that connect automatically via Bonjour. Pass an object to the server, and it will pop out at the client, and vice versa or distribute it to all connected clients in one go.

Official ThoMoNetworking web site


CRServerSwitchboard lets you easily make asynchronous, threadless HTTP calls to your server for JSON encoded data. You can specify which HTTP method to use and optionally pass request data, and the request and response data is automatically converted into JSON notation.

Official CRServerSwitchboard repository


An XMPP Framework in Objective-C for the Cocoa development community.

Official XMPPFramework repository


An Objective-C framework for interacting with RESTful web services, combining a clean, simple HTTP request/response API with a powerful object mapping system.

Official RestKit Web site


A TCP socket wrapper around CFSocket API with transparent buffering. This is a continuation of Dustin Mierau’s NetSocket source code.

Official ULINetSocket repository


An embedded HTTP server written in Cocoa.

Official CocoaHTTPServer repository


FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, etc  for Cocoa.

Official ConnectionKit repository