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An implementation of the SPDY internet protocol (the basis for HTTP 2.0) which promises to be faster for mobile devices, given appropriate server support.

Official CocoaSPDY repository

RadioTunes SDK

A radio streaming SDK for iOS with support for the http and mms protocols. RadioTunes SDK can play mp3, aac, aac+ and wma audio streams. Includes documented source code of a demo Xcode project demonstrating usage. Also supports background playback and recording.

Official RadioTunes web site


An iOS 4-compatible clone of iOS 5’s tweet sheet.

Official DETweetComposeViewController web site

Official DETweetComposeViewController repository


MacOSX Interface to Facebook graph API.

Official PhFacebook repository


An implementation of NSURLConnection’s sendAsynchronousRequest: for iOS 4

Official AEURLConnextion repository


A collection of many reusable Obj-C classes and functions for Mac OS X Leopard and later providing features like advanced networking, file system utilities, HID, MIDI & serial port devices support, OpenSSL encryption, file upload & download for many protocols, etc.

Official PolKit repository


A very flexible web server framework written in Cocoa perfectly suited to implementing web services. Easily map paths and requests to selectors. It has a template engine, database support, does sessions, HTTP AUTH, and cookies.

Official WebAppKit web site


A block-based reachability class that notifies handlers of changes in the reachability status.

Abizer Nasir’s NPReachability repository


An iOS networking library that uses NSOperations and block-based callbacks. Created by the guys over at Gowalla.

Official AFNetworking Repository


Asynchronous image downloader with cache support with an UIImageView category.

Official SDWebImage repository