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CoreLocationUtils for iOS

A category with convenience methods for CLLocation.


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A route overlay for MapKit that lets you show a route directly in your app.

Official MTDirectionsKit web site

Foursquare API iOS wrapper

A simple Objective-C wrapper for the foursquare API v2.

Foursquare API wrapper Github repository

SPMapView (Superpin)

A drop-in replacement for MKMapView with higher performance and support for “clustering” lots of pins.

Official Superpin web site


A customisable, animatable MKAnnotationView with a UITableView subview, designed to behave the same as callouts in on the iPad. Requires iOS 4.2.

Official gi-animated-callout code repository


A custom iOS UIBarButtonItem mimicing the Locate-Me-Button of the built-in Google Maps Application of the iPhone.

Official MTLocateMeBarButtonItem repository


Simulate Core Location in the iPhone Simulator.

Official FTLocationSimulator Repository


If you need to enable a draggable annotation in MapKit ‘s mapview on platforms prior to iOS 4, these classes will save you days of works, while being future-proof too.

Official MapKitDragAndDrop Github repository


A map library that runs natively on iOS. It’s designed to look and feel much like the inbuilt iOS map library, but it’s entirely open, and works with any map source.

Official Route-Me repository