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KVOBlockNotificationCenter is a set of source code for using blocks with Cocoa’s Key Value Observing (KVO). Originally inspired by Mike Ash’s “KVO Done Right” blog post and code.

KVO-Notification-Manager Repository

KVO-Notification-Manager Homepage


Provides the ability to define concrete protocols (also known as mixins) in Objective-C. Concrete protocols are protocols which can provide implementations for some or all of their methods.
Official RXConcreteProtocol Repository


Allows you to bind the properties of arbitrary objects, including custom views, without having to write IBPlugins or custom glue code.

Official RXObjectBinder Website
Official RXObjectBinder Repository


A recursive descent parser framework in and for Objective-C. It has a strong focus on convenience for the language implementor, and occasionally breaks with tradition for this reason.

Official Hammer repository


A set of Smalltalk-inspired methods and macros on Cocoa collection classes, taking advantage of blocks.

Official MACollectionUtilities repository