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Futures are a way to represent the expected result of some asynchronous action. RXFuture is a class for handling cancellation and completion and the notification of either for asynchronous tasks.

Github Repository:


An extension to NSTimer that allows you to pass a block to handle timer events instead of using a callback method.

Official NSTimer-JCSBlocks repository


Extracts a plist that has been embedded in the __TEXT __info_plist section of a binary file.

Official BVPlistExtractor repository


A replacement for NSTask that supports blocks and output accumulation.

Official PRHTask repository


A collection of many reusable Obj-C classes and functions for Mac OS X Leopard and later providing features like advanced networking, file system utilities, HID, MIDI & serial port devices support, OpenSSL encryption, file upload & download for many protocols, etc.

Official PolKit repository


Advanced logging toolkit that supports filtering, doesn’t require format strings, supports log levels etc.

Official EngineRoom repository


A parsing framework for OS X, supporting a wide range of grammars thanks to its shift/reduce parsing schemes.

Official CoreParse repository


Cocoa wrapper for ASL (Apple System Logger) APIs

Official SOLogger repository


An in-progress port of the iOS UIKit framework to Mac OS X to allow for cross platform development from a single codebase.

Official Chameleon Project Website
Official Cameleon Project Repository


A dictionary that can store several objects for one key. Actually just a wrapper around a dictionary of arrays.

Official ULIMultiMap repository (UliKit)