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A simple category on NSTimer that lets you pass a block to it instead of having to provide a target and action method.

Official NSTimer+Blocks repository


Simple registration framework for OS X apps. DSA/ECDSA support. No OpenSSL required.

Watchdog repository

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This library is a port of Ruby’s Faker library that generates fake data.

You can use it for taking real-looking test data, screenshots and to populate your database during development.

This code is free to use under the terms of the MIT license.

MBFaker Repository

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Tool to migrate Standard Sqlite Database to Core Data

Sqlite2CoreData is a command line tool to migrate an Sqlite database to Core Data compatible database. It generates the Datamodel file and Core Data Sqlite file which can be imported to Mac/iOS projects and used with Core Data. Main purpose of the tool is to ease the migration process. It generates a datamodel by creating entities based on the table schema. Foreign Key information is used to generate the relationship information.


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A dictionary based on the “_k_-d tree” data structure, allowing indexing of objects keyed by two-dimensional points.

Official AGTTwoDimensionalDictionary Repository


Model layer base class that makes it easier to implement NSArchiver/JSON serialization and offers higher-order functions (map, filter, fold) for NSArray, NSDictionary, NSOrderedSet, and NSSet, plus weak notification center observers.

Note: Mixed MIT/BSD licensed code.

Official Mantle repository


A simple Cocoa bindings replacement for iOS.

Official JUBindings repository


A library that takes a dictionary (as an object or in various serialized forms) and transfers its values to the matching instance variables of an object.

Official KeyValueObjectMapping repository


A Cocoa framework for letting localizers perform their localization in a window inside your application.

Official Greenwich repository


A class that uses the new ServiceManagement api to allow apps to run at login.

Official StartAtLoginController repository