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Zangetsu is a general purpose 64 bit garbage collected framework for Mac OS X 10.6+, that has a number convenience methods & extensions for Cocoa.

Zangetsu source code repository


A recursive descent parser framework in and for Objective-C. It has a strong focus on convenience for the language implementor, and occasionally breaks with tradition for this reason.

Official Hammer repository


CocoaFob is a set of helper code snippets for registration code generation and verification in Objective-C applications, integrated with registration code generation in Potion Store.

Official CocoaFob repository


A more powerful logging object for better cocoa debugging. Advanced logging, with severity levels, file/line/function output.
Will also strip all logging out of builds for you.

Official CBFLog repository


Manage crash reports of your iPhone and Mac OS X apps during development, beta phase and after rollout.

Official CrashReporterDemo repository

Official CrashReporterDemo web site


Software update for iOS devices (for your betas or other ad-hoc distributions).

Official Hockey web site

Official Hockey repository


Provides an in-process crash reporting framework for use on both the iPhone and Mac OS X. Crash reports are output as protobuf-encoded messages, and may be decoded using the CrashReporter library or any Google Protobuf decoder. The CrashReporter library handles both uncaught exceptions and fatal signals.

Official PLCrashReporter web site


NSLogger is a high perfomance logging utility which displays traces emitted by client applications running on Mac OS X or iOS (iPhone OS). It replaces your usual NSLog()-based traces and provides powerful additions like display filtering, image and binary logging, traces buffering, timing information, etc.

Official NSLogger web site

Official NSLogger repository


Software update framework that checks for new versions, notifies the user, and even downloads and installs self-contained applications or PKG package installers. Supports verification of download using certificates.

Official Sparkle web site

Official Sparkle Repository