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Google Toolbox for Mac

A collection of Code used by several Google projects. Of particular interest are the classes for accessing the AddressBook in a more Cocoa way than the C Library, but many of these classes give answers to common questions (UIImage resize, google search of course…).

Google Toolbox Repository


Categories on NSDictionary, NSArray etc. to retrieve values as certain types, with type checking.

Official JAPropertyListAccessors Repository


Objective-C bindings for YAJL (Yet Another JSON Library) C library. Allows for stream parsing.

Official yajl-objc repository


Lightweight Objective-C framework for regular expressions using the ICU library.

Official RegexKitLite web site


TouchJSON is an Objective-C based parser and generator for JSON encoded data. TouchJSON compiles for Mac OS X and iOS devices (currently iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

Official TouchJSON repository

JSON Framework

A strict JSON parser and generator for Objective-C. It adds categories to existing Objective-C objects for a super-simple interface. More flexible APIs are also provided for added control.

Official web site

Official source code page