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A simple, ready to use, implementation for a bayesian classifier.

Official BayesianKit repository


A subclass of CoreData’s NSManagedObject that lets you attach additional, dynamic attributes to an object without having to change the models, e.g. to provide storage to plug-ins of your application.

Official KSExtensibleManagedObject site

Official KSExtensibleManagedObject repository


KSHTMLWriter is a set of classes for generating HTML and XML markup programmatically.

Official KSHTMLWriter repository

ActiveRecord Fetching for Core Data

Ruby on Rails-inspired active record for Core Data.

Official ActiveRecord Fetching for Core Data repository


CoreFoundation-based functions with an Objective-C wrapper that let you serialize a dictionary into a simple form of XML and read that back in. The emphasis is on simplicity and readability, there are no DTDs or namespaces.

Official UKXMLPersistence repository (see UKXMLPersistence.h/.m and NSDictionary+XMLPersistence.h/.m)

Official UKXMLPersistence web site


A library to enable easier syncing between Core Data based applications on iOS and Mac OS X.

Official ZSync Website
Official ZSync Repository


A recursive descent parser framework in and for Objective-C. It has a strong focus on convenience for the language implementor, and occasionally breaks with tradition for this reason.

Official Hammer repository


An NSXMLParser-based RSS/Atom feed parser for Cocoa. It is intended to parse well-formed RSS and Atom feeds on both the desktop and the iPhone.

Official FeedParser repository


Want sqlite, but don’t want to deal with libsqlite? Flying Meat’s FMDB provides a set of wrappers around the sqlite api which greatly eases development and style. Now hosted on GitHub and accepting pull requests.

Official FMDB repository


Need to display pages and pages of content in your application? Or want to provide nicely formatted content inside a WebView? This template Engine will get you running in no time. Works beautifully on Leopard and iOS 2.0 and up.

MGTemplateEngine announcement page
MGTemplateEngine Source code repository