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A lightweight XML Document class for iOS.

Official SMXMLDocument repository
Blog post about SMXMLDocument


An easy-to-use wrapper around the libmagic file identification library.

Official MagicKit repository


An extensible expression parser that turns an NSString into an NSNumber.

Official DDMathParser repository


A very high performance Objective-C JSON library.

Official JSONKit repository


A light-weight XML document parser that aims to provide the fastest possible XML parsing while utilizing the fewest resources.

Official TBXML web site


An Objective-C class to compress or uncompress zip files.

Official ZipArchive repository


An Objective-C parser for CSV files.

Official CHCSVParser repository


An NSValueTransformer subclass to turn an NSDate into a string expressing its relative age from now.

Official SORelativeDateTransformer repository


A SQL database access library for Objective-C, initially focused on SQLite as an application database.

Official PLDatabase repository

iMedia Browser

A media browser framework for media browsers like in GarageBand that you can easily drop into your application, and even extend. Has plug-ins for flickr, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, iTunes, GarageBand and browser bookmarks.

Official repository