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Sensible TableView

A collection of view controllers and cell classes for building complex UITableViews more easily. Implements many common cell types (badged, edit field, switch, slider labeled), supports section headers and even auto-generates some of the views that get shown to edit them (date pickers, detail view for editing CoreData object properties).

Official SensibleCocoa TableView web site


A PostgreSQL-based database framework for Cocoa on MacOS X.

Official BaseTen repository


An Objective-C binding of Oniguruma regular expression engine.

Official CocoaOniguruma web site
Official CocoaOniguruma repository


NSAttributedString/Core Text additions to create attributed strings from HTML source and display them in a custom view.

Official DTCoreText repository


A lightweight, libxml2-based XML parser replacement for Cocoa’s NSXML* cluster of classes.

Official TouchXML repository


A subclass of Cocoa’s NSNumberFormatter that adds ordinals to numbers.

Official ADNOrdinalNumberFormatter repository


An Objective-C framework to access the full Instapaper API.

Official InstapaperKit repository


A dictionary that can store several objects for one key. Actually just a wrapper around a dictionary of arrays.

Official ULIMultiMap repository (UliKit)


Classes for serialization and deserialization between XML documents and Objective C object hierarchies via a declarative mapping.

Official Fremont Repository


A simple value transformer like NSIsNotNil, but checking the NSNotFound constant.

KSIsNotNSNotFound Source code