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A library that takes a dictionary (as an object or in various serialized forms) and transfers its values to the matching instance variables of an object.

Official KeyValueObjectMapping repository


Objective-C implementation of the Tipi template language.

Official Tipi repository


Cocoa Framework for hyperlink detection.

Official AutoHyperlinks framework


A subclass of Cocoa’s NSNumberFormatter that adds ordinals to numbers.

Official ADNOrdinalNumberFormatter repository


An NSValueTransformer subclass to turn an NSDate into a string expressing its relative age from now.

Official SORelativeDateTransformer repository


Categories on various classes to generate relative URLs/paths from absolute URLs, extract query parameters from a URL, adding query parameters to a URL safely, 10.5 compatibility methods for NSURL’s path manipulation methods, an NSFormatter for URLs, a class to handle .webloc URL bookmark files.

Official KSFileUtilities repository


An NSFormatter subclass to parse ISO 8601 strings into NSDate objects and format NSDate objects into ISO 8601 strings. It supports calendar, week, and ordinal date formats in both directions.

Official ISO8601DateFormatter web site
Official ISO8601DateFormatter repository