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RadioTunes SDK

A radio streaming SDK for iOS with support for the http and mms protocols. RadioTunes SDK can play mp3, aac, aac+ and wma audio streams. Includes documented source code of a demo Xcode project demonstrating usage. Also supports background playback and recording.

Official RadioTunes web site


Code for handling the media keys on a Mac keyboard in a way that allows them to be shared between applications but keeps the Apple applications from accidentally being triggered.

SPMediaKeyTap web site

SPMediaKeyTap source code

Galaxy Engine

A game development engine for Mac OS and iOS, based on OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenAL.

Official Galaxy Engine repository

iMedia Browser

A media browser framework for media browsers like in GarageBand that you can easily drop into your application, and even extend. Has plug-ins for flickr, iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom, iTunes, GarageBand and browser bookmarks.

Official repository


A simple class for listening to microphone levels, suitable for the iPhone.

Official SCListener repository


An open source classic monophonic synthesizer, designed for live performance, and targeted initially for the iPhone.

Official mobilesynth repository


Cocoa class that uses CoreAudio to record sound from the system’s default sound input and writes it to a file. Includes the UKAudioStreamBasicDescription wrapper around AudioStreamBasicDescription.

Official UKSoundFileRecorder site


Two classes for playing back sound using the AudioQueue/SystemSound APIs, which try to be easy to drop into code originally written to use NSSound. These classes were originally written for use on the iPhone, but should also work on Mac OS X.

Official UKSound/UKSystemSound repository

Official UKSound/UKSystemSound  web site


An example of how to get raw PCM samples of audio from an iPod library using AV Foundation.

Blog post about VTM_AViPodReader


A sample-based audio player that uses OpenAL. A “sound bank” can have  multiple samples, each covering one or more notes. This allows you to implement a full instrument with only a few samples (like SoundFonts but simpler).

Official SoundBankPlayer repository